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Identification Method Of Power Cord
- Nov 14, 2018 -

1. See the quality Certificate of household appliances 

If the quality of household appliances qualified, then the quality of the power cord of household appliances should also be tested, there will be no too big a problem.

2. Check the cross section of the Wire

The cross section of the wire, the copper core of the qualified product or the aluminum core surface should have a metallic luster, the surface blackened copper or the surface of the white aluminum description has been oxidized, is not qualified products.

3. Look at the appearance of the power cord

Qualified products its insulation (sheath) layer is soft, toughness is very scalable, the surface layer is tight, smooth, no rough feeling, and has a pure gloss. Insulation (sheath) layer surface should have clear and wipe-resistant signs, non-formal insulating material production products, insulation layer feel transparent, brittle, no toughness.

4. Look at the wire core of the power cord

The use of pure copper raw materials production and through strict drawing, annealing, stranded wire core, its surface Ching, smooth, no burr, tight tightness, soft toughness, not easy to break.

5. Look at the length of the power cord Different electrical appliances required the length of the power cord is different, decoration owners in the purchase before the best to understand the length of the qualified power cord is how much, so in the purchase of electrical appliances to do a good idea.