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Manufacturing Process Of Power Cord
- Nov 14, 2018 -

1, power cord copper, aluminum monofilament pull System Power cord commonly used copper, aluminum rod, at room temperature, the application of wire drawing machine through a or several tensile die mold hole, so that its section reduction, length addition, strength progress.

Wire drawing is the first process of each wire and cable company, the first process parameter of drawing is the matching mold craft.

2, power cord single wire annealing Copper, aluminum monofilament in the heating to the inevitable temperature, in the method of recrystallization to improve the toughness of monofilament, reduce the strength of monofilament, in line with the wire and cable requirements for conductive wire core.

The key of annealing process is to root out the oxidation of copper wire.

3, the power cord conductor of the twisted system In order to improve the flexibility of the power cord, in order to facilitate the laying of the device, conductive wire core to accept a number of monofilament stranded. From the mode of winding of conductive wire core, it can be divided into rules and non-rule winch. Non-rule stranded is divided into bundles, unity and twisting, extraordinary twisting and so on. In order to reduce the area occupied by the wire and the geometrical dimensions of the power cord, the tight pressure mode is also used in the stranded conductor, so that the popular circular variation is semicircle, fan, tile shape and tight pressure circle. This type of conductor is primarily used on the power cord.