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Controlling The Performance Characteristics Of Cables
- Nov 14, 2018 -

1. DC Resistance: 20 ℃, 0.4mm copper wire, less than or equal to 148ω/km, 0.5mm copper wire, less than or equal to 95ω/km.

2. Insulation electrical strength: between conductors 1min 1kv does not penetrate the conductor with shielding 1min 3kv does not penetrate

3. Insulation Resistance: Each core wire and the rest of the wire core grounding, control cable greater than 10000mω.km,hyat cable is greater than 3000mω.km.

4. Working capacitance: Average 52±2nf/km 5. Remote Crosstalk Defense: At 150kHZ, the power average of the specified combination is greater than 69db/km.

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