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Controlling The Performance Difference Of Cables
- Nov 14, 2018 -

The control cable has the characteristics of moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-damage, and can be laid in a tunnel or cable ditch. [1] power cable in the main trunk of the power system for the transmission and distribution of high-power power, control cable from the power system distribution point of the direct transmission of electrical energy to a variety of electrical equipment appliances power connection lines. The rated voltage of power cable is generally 0.6/1kv and above, and the control cable is mainly 450/750v.

The same specifications of power cables and control cables are produced when the insulation and sheath thickness of the power cable is thicker than that of the control cable.

1. Control cable belongs to the electrical equipment cable, and the power cable is the cable five categories of 2.

2. The standard for controlling cables is 9330, and the standard for power cables is GB12706.

3. Control the color of the insulating wire core of the cable is generally black and white, as well as the power cable low pressure is generally color separation. (iv) The cross section of the control cable generally does not exceed 10 square meters, the power cable is mainly the transmission of electricity, is generally a large cross section.