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Control Cable Repair And Maintenance
- Nov 14, 2018 -

The price formula for the control cable is as follows: the weight of copper x copper price = (Silk diameter ÷2) The root number of ^2x3.14x filament x8.9x the processing fee of +10% of the copper price at that time.

Cost price calculation for control cables

Square x1.83= Copper weight X at that time copper price + armored price (weight X0.4 yuan/jin) = Cost price +10% processing fee

Cable Price = Manufacturing material Cost + fixed fee + tax + Business fee + Profit

Cost of manufacturing materials = Material cost * (1+ material consumption) (material cost is the value calculated by theory)

Fixed costs vary according to the circumstances of each company and generally include production wages, management wages, utilities, repair costs, depreciation fees, rental fees, transportation costs The common faults of control cable lines are mechanical damage, insulation damage, insulation moisture, insulation aging metamorphism, overvoltage, cable overheating failure and so on. When the above failure of the line, should cut off the power supply of the fault cable, look for the fault point, check and analyze the fault, and then carry out repair and test, the removal of the cut, pending the elimination of the fault, in order to restore power supply.