Multi Pairs RS485 Cable

Multi pairs PVC insulted and covering signal cable.

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Multi pairs PVC insulted and covering signal cable.

1. The main technical requirements

(1) Conductor: multi-stranded tinned copper wire conductor without oil, dust and other defects.The dc resistance of the conductor must accord with IEC standard.

(2) Insulation:  The insulation is extruded with PVC material .The surface of insulation shall be smooth and round without natural shrinkage.

(3) Wrapping: The cores are wrapped tightly with overlapping polyester tape.

(4) Add 7/0.15 tin-coated wire as the drain ground wire, and then add aluminum plastic composite tape for middle package.

(5) Weaving: tinned copper wire weave braiding shielding and the  density of screen is 80%.

(6) Sheath: Purple PVC sheath material  and the surface of sheath is smooth and round.

(7) Rated voltage: ac 500V, dc 1000V.

(8) Printing: Marking model specification on surface of the sheath.

The content is clear and erasable (or provided by the demander for special needs)

 ( 9 ) Bending radius: When laying the cable, Min. bending radius shall be no less than 15 times of the outer diameter of the cable.

2. Applicable characteristics of RS485 cable

(1)Take into account the transmission of audio signals and fixed laying of railway signals.

(2) Excellent anti-interference performance.

(3) It can be used separately for single pair or multiple pairs at the same time, and the transmission of multi-channel signals is particularly excellent.

3. Application

 This product is suitable for lighting fixtures with 500V rated voltage or  power tools, etc., and can also transmit various control signals .

Transmission of audio signals at a current voltage of 1,000 v or less, as well as railway signals.transmission control lines for certain automatic devices.

4. Operation environment

(1)  operation temperature of cable conductor can not be more than 70 ℃,The ambient temperature range of lone -term cable operating is from 40 ℃ to  60 ℃.

(2)  Ambient temperature of laying cables: polyethylene cable should not below 0 ℃, PE sheathed cable should be not less than 10 ℃.

5. Our Service:

(1)Warm reception,and reply your consultation about the technical questions within 24Hours;

(2)Provide our customers professional knowledge of cables;

(3)Product the cables due to the orders and international standards strictly;

(4)Deliver the cables on time without any other Force majeure factors;

We guarantee to actively help customers deal with a series of after-sales service.

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