Flexible Copper Conductor PVC Insulated Control Cable

Class 5 flexible copper conductor core PVC insulated and sheathed control cable

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Flexible Copper Conductor PVC Insulated Control Cable

Class 5 flexible  copper conductor core PVC  insulated and sheathed control cable


1.Flexible Control Cable

Control cable is most commonly used to organize and simplify control signal wiring in facilities and during assembly of machinery. These flexible multi-conductor control cables have a premium-grade PVC outer jacket that is resistant to sunlight, oil, and moisture, making these cables ideal for wet or dry indoor locations as well as outdoor applications.


2.Technical  Parameter

a.Conductor ,flexible copper wire

b.Nominal cross section ,0.5mm2,1.5mm2,2.5mm2....10mm2

c.Core No. Multi Cores

d.Insulation material, PVC

e. Shielded,No


g.Sheath material,PVC

h.Making,Changcheng Cable or on request

i.Rated voltage,450/750V

j.HS code, 8544492100

k.Executive standard, IEC 332


3.Products Scope

Changcheng can supply various types of control cables, both stock and custom, in various AWG sizes, voltage ratings, compounds, shielding constructions, and conductor counts.  Changcheng can also recommend the correct stocked control cable for specific applications. Flexible  copper control cable is one type, and its size and construction can be designed according to your requirements.


4.Changcheng  Advantages for Control Cable

Changcheng is one professional manufacturer who concentrate on control cables for nearly 30 years. We can supply control cables with low minimum production quantities and competitive lead times.  Chanchangecan assist in the design of the perfect control cable for the intended application.


Control cables are packed in iron drums or wooden drums,all drums are closed to avoid the risk of  abrasion on the transport. We will offer the data of volume and weight of cables to you.  The special instructs for package will be available to you.


6.Our Service:

(1).Warm reception,and reply your consultation about the technical questions within 24Hours;

(2)Provide our customers professional knowledge of cables;

(3)Product the cables due to the orders and international standards strictly;

(4)Deliver the cables on time without any other Force majeure factors;

We guarantee to actively help customers deal with a series of after-sales service

7.FAQs about Control Cable

Can a control cable be used in other applications other than instrumentation or automation? 

Yes, control cables can be used for other applications.  The electrical requirements need to be considered as well as the environment before knowing if a control cable can be used for a specific application.. 

Where is the difference between the normal control cables with flexible tinned control cables?

The control  property of flexible tinned control cables is better than the normal, and the price is  more expensive than the normal.

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