100w Integrated Solar LED Street Light

Solar light ing work priciple: The solar energy is converted into electricity stored in the battery by the solar panel through the day time,the solar panel voltage will decrease gradually in the dark time. When the solar panel voltage is lower than stipulated voltage, the controller will make...

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Solar lighting work priciple:

The solar energy is converted into electricity stored in the battery by the solar panel through the day time,the solar panel voltage will decrease gradually in the dark time. When the solar panel voltage is lower than stipulated voltage, the controller will make the battery supply electricity to lload; When the day become bright, the solar panel voltage increase gradually. After the voltage is larger than stipulated voltage, the controller will stop the battery supplying the electricity to load. this is working principle of solar street light.


The advantages of solar lighting:

1. Economical

The cost of solar power has fallen well below that of nuclear power and is set to fall further.Since photovoltaic modules typically last 25 to 40 years, the International Conference on Solar Photovoltaic Investments, organized by EPIA, has estimated that PV systems will pay back their investors in 8 to 12 years. Reducing maintenance costs by improving lamp life and fixture reliability is a key component of outdoor lighting. In fact, for some outdoor applications, such as roadways, lighting maintenance savings can far exceed energy savings. Solar LED luminaires require very little maintenance and are easier to install than their wired counterparts. Underground wiring, on-site transformers and electrical enclosures are typically more costly than installing new solar lights. LED technology means that the lamps require fewer replacements, are dimmable and provide significant energy savings over traditional lamps.


In the USA,mandates currently set forth by the U.S. Federal government pertaining to Federal facilities make our solar-powered LED lighting an ideal solution. Federally owned property and buildings are mandated to materially reduce current energy use. A second requirement is to improve energy security, by employing renewable power that operates independent of electrical utility grids.


The sun comes up every day. That’s the definition of renewable energy. Another sustainability plus is solar lighting’s low environmental impact. For sensitive environments like wetlands, the seashore, or other sensitive ecosystems, solar lighting minimizes the impact on nature by avoiding below-grade services and unsightly enclosures. The payoff continues to add up when you consider that solar lighting eliminates ongoing payments for electricity and any hassle from brownouts or blackouts.


How solar panels convert sunlight into electricity:

·Photovoltaic solar panels harvest the sun and convert sunlight into energy

·Power generated from this process is fed through a patented charge controller which regulates battery storage capacity and ensures long system life.

·At night, the charge controller circuitry distributes stored energy to one of the many lighting energy efficient LED luminaires.

·Additional control circuitry is available to enable specific geographic locations with limited solar input to harness the sun and provide reliable, grid-free lighting for years to come.






LED power




18V20W(mono-crystalline silicon)

lithium battery(12V/6AH)


18V30W (mono-crystalline silicon)

lithium battery(12V/12AH)


18V40W (mono-crystalline silicon)

lithium battery(12V/18AH)


18V60W (mono-crystalline silicon)

lithium battery(12V/24AH)


18V60W (mono-crystalline silicon)

lithium battery(12V/27AH)


18V70W (mono-crystalline silicon)

lithium battery(12V/30AH)


18V80W (mono-crystalline silicon)

lithium battery(12V/33AH)


18V110W (mono-crystalline silicon)

lithium battery(12V/56AH)


18V120W (mono-crystalline silicon)

lithium battery(12V/60AH)



1 all-in one product, integrated design, it is very easy to install it

2 Waterproof structure, iP65 protection grade

3 aluminum alloy raw material which is rust proof and anti-corrosion

4 equipped with Pir sensor, it can save the led consumption when there is no person passing. the sensing distance is about 11m

5 Product easy to maintain and to replace

6 3 years warranty for the whole system



All in Solar LED Street Light

Traditional Solar LED Street Light

LED Street Light


All in one light

Solar panel, led lamp, battery,

controller(all separated)

LED lamp



Waterproof box for the battery; shelf for

the solarpanel; Wire to connect   all parts

Power supply and long cable


Only need to screw the light on

the pole

Need professional technician to connect

all the parts and installation is very difficult

Need writing and technician to connect

the lamp


With modular design,easy to

find bad parts and replace it

Need the technician to analze first, and

hard to replace the parts

Need the electrician to analyze and



All debugged by the factory

before installation

Need the technician to debug the light

after installation or maintenance

Need the electrician to debug the light

after installation or maintenance

Electric Charge





Environment protecting

Environment protecting

Environment pollution


The application is basde on the

local sun lighting time

The application is based on the local sun

lighting time

Hard to install in remote and power

shortage place

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Factory information: 

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Establishes in

1990,more than 25 years’ experience in cable manufacturing

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