Steel Tape Armoured Instrumentation Cable

Copper /tinned copper conductor core multi pairs steel PE insulation steel tape armoured PE inner sheath and outer sheath instrumentation cable

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Steel Tape Armoured  Instrumentation  Cable

Copper /tinned copper conductor core multi pairs steel PE insulation  steel tape armoured PE inner sheath and outer sheath instrumentation cable


1. 2-48 Pairs Steel Wire Armoured Instrument Cable Feature:

(1) Conductor: Plain annealed copper, sizes: 0.5 mm² solid, 1.0 mm² solid, 0.5 mm² flexible, 0.75 mm² flexible or 1.5mm²stranded

(2) Insulation: Polyethylene PE, 

(3) Colour code: black / white / red; with numbered tape under separator tape of the triple screen

(4) Wrapping: at least 1 layer of plastic tape

(5) Armour: galvanized round steel wires

(6) Bedding: zero halogen flame retardant compound LSZH, black

(7) Outer sheath: zero halogen flame retardant compound LSZH, black or blue for intrinsically safe systems


2. 2-48 Pairs Steel Wire Armoured Armoured Instrument Cable Application:

instrumentation cable Individual & Overall Screened Steel Wire Armored/ SWA Pairs is used in data processing and process control. Suitable for fixed installations in damp locations and open spaces. The electrostatic screen protects against outer interference fields.

1. Desing:     LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) Instrumentation cable consisting of bare copper conductors, black & white , twisted pairs or black,white &red twisted triples with continuous number sequence.

2. Voltage rating :

Rated Voltage Max. 300V a.c; Nominal Voltage A.C/D.C 110/150V, Test Voltage In process spark test – 4500V and AC withstand

voltage test – 1500V, TECHNICAL DATA 0.5mm 1.5mm

3.Maximum Capacitance

Conductor to Conductor 145pF/m 200pF/m, Conductor to Screen 240pF/m 300pF/m, Maximum Conductor Resistance @ 20 C 38.4Ω/km 13.8Ω/km,

Insulation Resistance @ 20 C 40MΩ/km 140MΩ/km,  Cross Talk Attentuation Between Pairs @ 1kHz 300Ω 150Ω

Inductance @ 1kHz 1.00mH/km 0.95mH/km,  L/R Ratio @ 1kHz 13.7µH/Ω 36.5µH/Ω

4.Operating Temperature

Minimum continuous operating temperature -25°C,75°C, 90°C,  Minimum short circuit temperature 160°C (for 5 sec)

5. Bending Radius:  The following minimum bending radius should be observed to ensure operating reliability

unarmoured: 9 x cable outer diameter (during installation)  6 x cable outer diameter (after installation)

Armoured: 18 x cable outer diameter (during installation)     12 x cable outer diameter (after installation)


3.Packaging &Shipping ;

1)Wrapped in rolls/coils/rings with Plastic film for small diameter cables like building wires;

2)Treated wooden/steel-wooden drums for big diameter cables;

3)Cables are normally supplied in the lengths of 100 meters,500 meters and 1000 meters

according to the size.Other lengths could be supplied if required.

Our Service:

1.Warm reception,and reply your consultation about the technical questions within 24Hours;

2.Provide our customers professional knowledge of cables;

3.Product the cables due to the orders and international standards strictly;

4.Deliver the cables on time without any other Force majeure factors;

We guarantee to actively help customers deal with a series of after-sales service

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