Copper Wire Shielded Instrumentation Cable

Bare copper conductor multi pairs PE insulation copper wire Individual shielded PE sheath instrumentation cable

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Copper Wire  Shielded  Instrumentation Cable

Bare  copper  conductor  multi  pairs  PE insulation  copper  wire  Individual  shielded  PE sheath  instrumentation cable


1. 2-48 Pairs Individual Screen  Instrument Cable Feature:

(1) Conductor: Plain annealed copper, sizes: 0.5 mm² solid, 1.0 mm² solid, 0.5 mm² flexible, 0.75 mm² flexible or 1.5mm²stranded

(2) Insulation: Polyethylene PE, 

(3) Colour code: black / white / red; with numbered tape under separator tape of the triple screen

(4) Triple screen: Copper wire / PETP tape over tinned copper drain wire, 0.5 mm²,  

(5) Wrapping: at least 1 layer of plastic tape

(6) Bedding: zero halogen flame retardant compound LSZH, black

(7) Outer sheath: zero halogen flame retardant compound LSZH, black or blue for intrinsically safe systems.


2.Service Characteristics

Rated voltage U。/U:450/750V

Max.service temperature:not exceeding 70℃ for general types;

 Not exceeding 90℃ for XLPE

 Not exceeding 105℃ for the heat resistant 105℃

Min.ambient temperature:not lower than-40℃ for fixed laying;not

lower than-15℃ for non-fixed laying

Min.bending radius:not less than 6 times of the cable outer

diameter for the non-armored cables;

Not less than 12 time for the armored.

Changcheng  Differentiators / Advantages for Instrumentation  Cable

Changcheng is one professional manufacturer who concentrate on instrumentation    cables for nearly 30 years. We can supply instrumentation cables with low minimum production quantities and competitive lead times. Chanchange can assist in the design of the perfect instrumentation  cable for the intended application.


3.Customized instrumentation cable 

Instrumentation cables comply to BS5308 standard and can be customized to produce to meet various requirements of overseas clients .For example, the diameter of insulation , core identification ,insulation material and rated voltage  can be designed by you .

4.Packaging &Shipping ; 

(1)Wrapped in rolls/coils/rings with Plastic film for small diameter cables like building wires;

(2)Treated wooden/steel-wooden drums for big diameter cables;

(3)Cables are normally supplied in the lengths of 100 meters,500 meters and 1000 meters

according to the size.Other lengths could be supplied if required. 

Instrumentation cables are packed in iron drums or wooden drums,all drums are closed to avoid the risk of  abrasion on the transport. We will offer the data of volume and weight of cables to you. The special instructs for package will be available to you.



Our Service:

1.Warm reception,and reply your consultation about the technical questions within 24Hours;

2.Provide our customers professional knowledge of cables;

3.Product the cables due to the orders and international standards strictly;

4.Deliver the cables on time without any other Force majeure factors;

We guarantee to actively help customers deal with a series of after-sales service

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