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Identification method of lamps and luminaires
- Nov 14, 2018 -

1, Material aspects

The general incandescent lamp mouth is white iron easy to rust, better quality lamps are generally used aluminum alloy, not easy to rust.

2, filament aspects

A better luminaire, are double tungsten wire, poor lamps generally use single tungsten filament.

3, Brightness aspects

For the lamp, if the good lamp because is the machine disposable powder, the brightness is uniform after electrification, and the difference of the artificial powder, the brightness is not uniform.

4, the price aspect

Do not only take a cheap picture when buying lamps, because the quality and price are certainly proportional.

5, Certification aspects

To see if it is qualified for 3C certification, and to review its content.

6. Old and new aspects Novel products may not be mature technology, purchase should not only choose the latest out, and ignore the old model of the product.