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Features of the bath bully
- Nov 14, 2018 -

Bath Bully according to the heating way divided into light bulb infrared heating bath bully and warm fan heating bath bully, the market is mainly light bulb infrared heating bath bully. According to the function of three in one Bath bully and two-in-one bath bully, three in one bath bully has lighting, heating, exhaust function; two-in-one bath bully only lighting, heating function. According to the installation method of dark bath bully, Ming bath bully, wall-mounted bath bully, dark bath bully is relatively beautiful, bright bath bully directly installed on the top, generally can not use dark and bright bath bully to choose wall-mounted bath bully. Regular manufacturers out of the bath bully generally through the "standard full inspection" of the "hot and cold alternating performance test", in 4 ℃ ice underwater spray, withstand the instantaneous heat and cold test, and then the use of warm cannon explosion-proof glass to ensure the absolute safety in the bath.