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Analysis of Luminaires
- Nov 14, 2018 -

China's lighting appliances production and export volume are ranked first in the world. China's annual production of energy-saving lamps accounted for more than 85% of the world, the world's use of energy-saving lamps mostly from China, in the leading market trend of light-emitting diode (LED) New technology field, China's annual packaging led devices more than 80 billion, ranking first in the world.

In addition to the scale advantage, domestic lighting enterprises are gradually acquiring technology, intellectual property advantages. 2009 1 to November, China's lighting appliance manufacturing industry above the scale of enterprises to achieve the main business revenue of 165,818,985 thousand yuan, up 4% from the same period in 2008, the total profit of 8,383,521 thousand Yuan, up from the same period in 2008 increased by 29.51%. In the 2010, China's production of ordinary lighting appliances grew by 150% per cent. At the end of 2011, China's lighting equipment manufacturing industry enterprises reached 2,148, the total assets of the industry reached 169.9 billion yuan, an increase of 21.75% compared with 2010, the scale above the lighting apparatus manufacturing industry enterprises to achieve the main business income of 272.76 billion yuan, the realization of the total profit of 17.89 billion yuan.