Tinned Copper Conductor Control Cable

Solid tinned copper conductor PVC insulation and sheath control cable with 300/500V

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Tinned Copper Conductor Control Cable 

Solid tinned copper conductor PVC insulation and sheath control cable with 300/500V

1.Technical  parameter

a.Conductor , Tinned solid copper 

b.Nominal cross section ,1.5mm2,2.5mm2,4mm2 ,6mm2 ,10mm2

c.Core No. Multi Cores

d.Insulation material, PVC

e.Shielded,On request


g.Sheath material,PVC

h.Making,On request

i.Rated voltage,300/500V

j. HS code,8544422100

k.Executive standard, IEC60227


2.Why need to use tinned cooper cables

What is tinned copper cable and why should you use it? In order to explain exactly what it is, we must first explain some of copper’s attributes that make it a great substance for cable manufacture. Firstly, (and most importantly), copper is a great conductor,(second only to silver. Also, copper has a durable tensile strength, and it is for these two reasons that copper is easily and frequently made into cables, whether for electrical or communications use.


3.Cable Markings

(1) All cables are printed with required voltage and temperature rating, as well as applicable regulatory approvals.

(2) All cables have traceability and sequential length markings.

4.Packaging & Documentation

Depending on the size of the cable, the products are delivered on wooden reels up to 96” in diameter.

There is an option to lag wood reels using wooden planks that are secured to the outer edges of the reel to prevent damage to the cable while in transit. The wooden reels are heat-treated to comply with international phytosanitary requirements. Overseas shipments are crated. We also offer light-weight fiber board reels for air freight shipments.

The ends of the cables, known as the “pig tails,” are exposed on the reels for any testing at the receiving location, but sealed for shipment.

If requested Changcheng can provide Certificates of Conformance at the time of shipment.


5.Approvals & Ratings

Changcheng  can offer a variety of ratings and standards for instrumentation products. Please discuss the specific rating and approvals with your customer service representative prior to placing your order. Depending on the cable design and selection of armor types, the following approvals are available:

(1) Design Standards

UL 1277 (TC & TC-ER), UL 1569 (MC), UL 2225 (MC-HL), ICEA S-73-532, IEC 60502, AS/NZS 5000, BS 6346 & 5467, CSA TECK 90.

(2) Flame Retardancy Standards

IEEE 1202, UL 1685, VW-1, FT4, IEC 60332

(3) Temperature Rating

-50ºC to 90°C.

(4) Hazardous Zone Classifications

Class I, Division 1 & 2, and Class I, Zone 1, 2, & 3 Ratings are Available.

(5) Other Options & Standards

Low Smoke Zero Halogen, per IEC 61034 and IEC 60754

Conductors per ASTM B3, B33, B8, and IEC 60228, AS/NZS 1125

REACH & RoHS Compliant.

ER (Exposed Run) rating is available for many constructions. ER rated cables are designed and tested for impact and crush resistance per UL criteria. With the ER rating, cables are allowed to run outside of trays or conduit for an unlimited distance, provided the cable is supported every 6 feet or less.

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