Multicore Control Cable

Multicore copper conductor core insulation and jacket control cable

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Multicore Control Cable 

Multicore copper conductor core insulation and jacket control cable


1.Features and Added Services of Our Multi-Conductor Wires

·A wide range of insulating and jacketing materials, including PVC and plastic polymers, for protection, cable flexibility and long life.

· A variety of shielding configurations, to provide the necessary shielding from low noise protection for medical instrumentation to high temperature protection for aerospace applications and sterile environments.

·Gauge sizes ranging from 4 to 24 gauge

·A wide range of cable dimensions, from ultra miniature for medical equipment to large, heavy duty power for data transmission


2.Model Table 

Rated   Voltage




Nominal   Section 



copper conductor, pvc insulated, pvc sheathed, flexible control cable

2 core, 3 core, 4 core, 5 core, 7 core, 8 core, 10 core, 12 core, 14 core, 16   core, 19 core, 24 core, 27 core, 30 core, 37 core, 44 core, 52 core, 61 core,   or as your request


KVVRP copper conductor, pvc insulated, braided screened, pvc sheathed, flexible control   cable


3.Packaging &Shipping ;

(1)Wrapped in rolls/coils/rings with Plastic film for small diameter cables like building wires;

(2)Treated wooden/steel-wooden drums for big diameter cables;

(3)Cables are normally supplied in the lengths of 100 meters,500 meters and 1000 meters according to the size.Other lengths could be supplied if required.


4.Changcheng  Advantages for Control Cable

Changcheng is one professional manufacturer who concentrate on control cables for nearly 30 years. We can supply control cables with low minimum production quantities and competitive lead times.  Chanchangecan assist in the design of the perfect control cable for the intended application.


5.Our Service:

(1)Warm reception,and reply your consultation about the technical questions within 24Hours;

(2)Provide our customers professional knowledge of cables;

(3)Product the cables due to the orders and international standards strictly;

(4)Deliver the cables on time without any other Force majeure factors;

We guarantee to actively help customers deal with a series of after-sales service

(5)Free cable samples can be provided if you need.


6.FAQs about Control Cable

1.Can a control cable be used in other applications other than instrumentation or automation? 

Yes, control cables can be used for other applications. The electrical requirements need to be considered as well as the environment before knowing if a control cable can be used for a specific application..

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